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ElmSun Rectify Drainage Issues and Provide Gabion Baskets for a Client

ElmSun recently rectified Drainage issues and provided Gabion Baskets for a client’s private residence which was prone to flooding. The specific area that had the Drainage issues was a very narrow location behind the garage of the private residence.

Our use of a micro-digger within the limited working space was pivotal to us solving the Drainage issue for this particular customer. The equipment enabled us to install a complex Drainage System which included spillways leading into the adjacent stream.

This was all installed before we reinstated the ground to allow the garden to extend and thrive.

Gabion Baskets Photo

Drainage issues solved – another happy customer!

ElmSun then installed retaining Gabion Baskets in order to make the space both useable and attractive.

The work also opened up the opportunity for a new greenhouse to be erected and more planting and growing to take place. All of which can be done without the fear of damage during the events of any severe weather in the future.

A transformation from a hazardous no-man’s land to an integral part of a fantastic domestic garden!

Greenhouse Photo

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In addition to resolving Drainage issues and our other Civils Contracting work, ElmSun also provide New Building Services and Refurbishments and Crossing Guard Safety Gates for Controlled Warehouse Pedestrian Crossing.

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